Monday, 15 December 2014


Dear Santa
Happy Christmas Santa how is Rudolph? The weather in Hawkes Bay is very rainy how is it in the north pole.. Do you like delivering presents every Christmas? It must be tiring. Is it snowing in the north pole.?What do the elves look like and are they good?Does rudolph have a shiny nose.? How are you Santa you should be tired from giving presents to every kid? Do you give presents to every kid? On Christmas would you like me to put milk and cookies on the bench for you? I hope the elves are not sick or hurt? Do you like christmas    
Every christmas my dad gets a christmas tree, unless when our family stays with my mum's family or dads family.. Every December we have a homemade christmas calendar, our mum puts a little thing in the calendar and then we take it out. Sometimes at christmas eve we get to open one or two presents.

                For christmas I would like a Robotic toy animal, J animal, Pillow pet, member on animal jam for a year, make up, ipad, little alive pet      

    By Mia